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Created 22-Aug-09
Modified 25-Dec-10
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I haven't taken many reasonable shots of birds. I recently acquired a Canon 300mm f/4L lens and so hope things will improve!

For as much of the year as possible I tend to focus on insects, so birds seem to take a back seat.

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Little OwlRobin in the snowRobinGoldcrestSparrowhawk - Accipiter nisusLong-tailed Tit fledglingCoal TitTreecreeperDunnockTree Sparrow - Passer montanusBullfinch - Pyrrhula pyrrhulaSiskin - Carduelis spinusGoldfinch - Carduelis carduelisTufted Duck - Aythya fuligulaMallardsGreylag Geese

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Oh dear. You "haven't taken many reasonable shots of birds". Well if that's the case I might as well throw my gear away now! I think they're a super bunch of photos and I would be well pleased with any of them. Really good colours and super shots of some super birds. Wouldn't want to pick out any one in particular, but I do like your Tree Sparrow (mainly because I never see them round where I live). Keep it up - great photos.
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