Hello and welcome. I'm Rachel and I live in the Lincolnshire Wolds. Most of the time I work as a teacher, a job I enjoy, but for real relaxation I love to head out with my camera. Sometimes I get no further than my garden - which is a haven for wildlife (a euphemism for somewhat unkempt); other times I'll visit local nature reserves and woods.

My main interest is photographing insects and I have a real soft spot for ladybirds and moths.

I nearly always shoot handheld and using natural light, mainly because I prefer how that looks, but also because I really can't be doing with the palaver of tripods and flashes. There are times, however, that I know I've missed opportunities because of inadequate light and so perhaps one day I'll venture into the mysterious world of supplementary lighting.

I have two teenage children who tend to resist my efforts to persuade them to join me on nature bimbles. Waiting for ages while Mum photographs yet another beetle is probably not the most exciting way to spend their time! There's hope for them yet, though... I used to get dragged out on nature rambles by my parents, which I didn't always appreciate at the time. Little did I realise then that those childhood experiences would have such a lasting effect on my life.

Please feel free to comment on my photos.

A wider selection of my photos can be seen on my Flickr site.

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Other wildlife sites well worth visiting:
Wild About Britain - an excellent resource if you're interested in British wildlife and the environment. I've been a member there for a few years and enjoy the friendly and informative forums.
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