the Newborn pup is AWESOME. Great Shots !!!
Stephanie Hall-Morin(non-registered)
Beautiful macros! I often shoot similar subjects and appreciate how difficult it is to get these great shots. They are inspiring.
A Glimpse In Time Photography
Glyn Lowe PhotoWorks
Wonderful work my friend...All The Best.
Peter Hunt(non-registered)
A lovely collection of photographs,Rachel.
Will return for more.
Bill D.(non-registered)
Hi Rachel, I added you on Flickr since you like insects. So do I.
A magnificent collection of images. Very impressive and extremely beautiful work.

I came here after you (very quickly!) identified a moth for me on the Wild About Britain forum. So glad I did. :)
Melissa Crevling(non-registered)
I am amazed by the collection of amazing shots you have! Simply beautiful.
Joan Gunson(non-registered)
Wonderful site Rachel. Always admire your photography, it gives me lots of pleasure and inspiration.

Best Wishes
A well presented site Rachel with lota of truly beautiful images, well done. Lets hope I can match your great collection one day.

Best Wishes
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