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Many of the images in this gallery are moths I've seen in my garden. I use a MV Robinson trap and try to put it out once a week if weather conditions are OK. Rather than photograph the moths on egg boxes (where they shelter when in the trap) I usually place them on a more photogenic background. Some disappear at this point...

If the moth wasn't spotted in my garden, there should be a location given in the photo description.

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Keywords:Lepidoptera, insects, moths

Elephant Hawkmoth - Deilephila elpenorPrivet Hawkmoth - Sphinx ligustriPrivet Hawkmoth caterpillar - Sphinx ligustriPoplar Hawk-moth - Laothoe populiPine Hawkmoth - Hyloicus pinastriBroad-bordered Bee Hawkmoth - Hemaris fuciformisBroad-bordered Bee Hawkmoth - Hemaris fuciformisHummingbird Hawkmoth - Macroglossum stellatarumBuff-tip - Phalera bucephalaLeopard Moth - Zeuzera pyrinaPebble Prominent - Notodonta ziczacSix-spot Burnets - Zygaena filipendulaeSix-spot Burnets - Zygaena filipendulaeSix-spot Burnet (Zygaena filipendulae)Swallow-tailed moths - Ourapteryx sambucariaCanary-shouldered Thorn - Ennomos alniariaEarly Thorn - Selenia dentariaPurple Thorn - Selenia tetralunariaPurple Thorn - Selenia tetralunariaPlain Golden Y - Autographa jota

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Stunning stuff. Very well done
Lincsbirder wildlife photography
What a superb moth gallery Rachel. The Privet Hawkmoth and the Grey Dagger are fantastic images.
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