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Created 22-Aug-09
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I suspect my mammals gallery will take a while to grow - and will probably be a bit limited in number of species. Having said that, I love to see our native mammals but rarely manage to be in a position to photograph them.

I'm very fortunate to live close to Donna Nook, where Atlantic Grey Seals haul out to pup amongst the sand dunes each winter. This gives me the chance to observe them at close quarters... along with hundreds of other people! It's wonderful to see so many seals in such an accessible area.

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Bank VoleCute and fluffy... but look at those teeth and claws!Grey seal pup - Halichoerus grypusGrey seals - Halichoerus grypusGrey seals - Halichoerus grypusGrey seals - Halichoerus grypusSlumbering pupJust chillin'StoatMink - Neovison visonHedgehog - Erinaceus europaeusGrey Squirrel - Sciurus carolinensis